prada sandles All the products with Free Shipping. , Free Shipping & Returns Every Day! Ted Baker Australia Online "christian louboutin for men I know... I haven´t written here for a long time... but I was so busy: my salon, photo shooting, wedding, Tv show.. but finally I find time for you!! ;-)And I am working in this period intense on interesting project... stay tuned for discover it... ;-)but today I want speak about my last seminar, it was about hair trend 2013... and do you know what is the most popular fashion style still hard to die in this moment??"Ombre style" of course!! ...or how they call in Milano "Shatush".From 2011 started by Hollywood STARS and spreading quickly around the world: New York, Milano, Paris, London, Dubai... everywhere.but in 2013 there are some evolutions:Original Ombre hair: The original Ombre style hair coloring involves darkening the roots with natural hues and a gradually dyed lightening at the ends of the hair. It looks a lot like your hair has grown out.Reverse Ombre Hair tresses: This is emerging as a popular Ombre Hair 2013 trend. It features dark ends and blonde roots.Experiment with Colors and Bolder shades: You could go the celebrity way and dabble in some color for your Ombre style look. These include vibrant colors of the rainbow such as chalky pinks, peach, bold blues and pastel greens.Ombre hair extensions: You like the look and would like to create it but, not sure whether you would want this hair color trend permanently. No issues. You can still achieve the look with light Ombre hair extensions. It highlights the ends and adds thickness.There are anyway some little rules to follow:The color have to be in line with your personal taste and of course with your personality!Choice the hair color and tones in base to the skin tone, this is really important for a good final result!Who will dress Ombre or any other colors have to feel comfortable with it in daily life.This style looks excellent when worn on long and medium length hair.Dull and limp hair ruins Ombre style hair coloring. The right products will add to the health and sheen of the hair color. Ask your hair stylist for product recommendations that will get rid of hair dryness and take care of split ends.Do you want to know witch are my favorite colors? Joico K-PAK I love it, the hair feels great and the colours are beautiful. The K-pak inside the colour creates the softest hair I have seen with colour, especially with Verochrome (2 parts developer, 1 part colour) because it is just like having a 20 minute reconstruction process just with colour. In fact that is how we teach it, it is K-pak in many different shades.If you want to know more about me and my works you can follow me on Facebook: if you like video on YouTube and if you want learn how to style original and amazing hairdo: if you want just look inspiring hairstyles Pinterest: Janeli,Bangalore Fashion Week is running full steam ahead as planned with apparently 32 designers having confirmed participation. Now do not ask us the names because just as the rest of the world, we are as clueless about the names of the '32 minus 8' designers. Ask about the names of the remaining 24 designers, and no one seems to be willing to be giving in. 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