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They may have a great variety of choices from one store to another but customers could get confused or frustrated for not being able to find flattering swimsuits which would fit them as well as flatter their body shapes.If you are one of the women, here are some tips on how to choose a swimsuit that will make you look good and feel great:- You have a short neck or double chin: Avoid wearing swimwear styles with high neck cuts, it will make your neck look even shorter or the chin will look more obvious, instead, a swimsuit with a deep V neck cut or deep U neck cut will drive the eye away from the neck.- You have big arms: A swimwear with bright or bold prints on the bust will attract the attention and shift it away from the arms. You can also camouflage them by putting on a long sleeves cotton or sheer kaftan with deep colour when you get out of water.- Your hips and thighs are large: A swimdress with colourful prints on the bust and plain dark/deep colours on the rest of the dress will do the tricks and will take the eye attention to the bust.It has a similar effect for 2 piece skirtini swimwear. The skirtini top with bold and beautiful all over print will distract the eye and the deep/dark plain coloured skirt will camouflage the hips and thighs.- Tummy bulges: Most plus size women face this problem. A swimdress with empire waist or a high-waisted dress, gathered just under bust with a long, loose skirt would be the best solution especially if there is colourful, bright print on the bust and the rest of the swimsuit is in plain dark color.A big "no-no" swimwear style/design for large size women:- Skimpy bikini: There is not enough fabric for this style to cover a large tummy, therefore it will show all of your bulging flesh and will attract staring.- Monokini: is one piece swimsuit with large cut-outs at the sides, front and back; the top and bottom are connected only by a thin panel. This style is suitable for young females with a flat stomach. The design has absolutely no support and no flaw camouflage for full figured women.- Swimwear with very high leg cuts and transparent (see-through when it is wet) will show bulges on you hips.- Large horizontal striped swimsuit will make your body look actually bigger than it is.Swimwear style is a matter of personal choice but if you are a full figured woman, make sure you choose a flattering design that you feel great in it and you will enjoy this summer more than ever before.,It is the wish of an individual to lead a healthy life, and one way a person can lead a healthy is by having adequate sleep. Sleeping in a comfortable place entails a number of things but the most imperative issue is encompassing some soft comfortable linens. Ancient linens were made from rough material that made our ancestors experience poor sleeping patterns. However, all that have changed due to great research and innovation people can buy quality linens. 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